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Pravekliv® promotes appetite and digestion, protecting the liver against hepatotoxins.
  • An effective treatment for jaundice, viral hepatitis, pre- cirrhosis of the liver, hepatosplenomegaly in adults & children.
  • An adjuvant with hepatotoxic drugs that prevents liver damage and is helpful in cases of digestive disorders.
  • Useful in cases of chronic alcoholic liver disease.
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Product Description

Liver is the second largest organ of the human body. It plays a major role in metabolism, helps in removing toxins from blood and is the main site for red blood cells (RBC) production. Pravekliv® promotes appetite and digestion, protecting the liver against hepatotoxins.

  • Organic bhumiamla or Phyllanthus Niruri herb


    Effective for the management of liver problems.
  • Organic giloy stem and leaves


    Hepatoprotective effects.
  • Kalmegh plant


    Efficacious in chronic infected liver.
  • kutki plant


    Improves appetite. Alleviates liver enlargement.

  • makoy plant


    Protective effects on liver toxicity.

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Directions for use

Children (6-10 years): 2.5ml twice a day. Adults: 5-10ml twice a day. Or as directed by the physician.

Nutritional Information

  • Pravekliv® has shown tremendous results and successfully proven to be beneficial in patients suffering from Hepatitis B and C.
  • An ayurvedic preparation. No side-effects reported till date.


  • To be taken under medical supervision.
  • Read the label and instructions carefully before use.
  • Do not exceed the dosage mentioned on the label unless suggested by a practicing physician.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.

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