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Pravek-T is a unique ayurvedic drink made with pure herbs, that help relieve acidity, gas and constipation. This sugar free mix has zero tea leaves, and is loaded with essential vitamins & micronutrients.
  • Goodness of more than 20 herbs.
  • Boosts metabolism and cures chronic constipation issues.
  • This herbal drink can be had as an alternative to regular tea.
  • Pure herbal formula of zero tea leaves, only herbs, meaning freedom from acidity.
  • Supports healthy digestion and controls acidity.
  • Helpful in medorog or obesity.
  • Ideal for daily consumption, or as a replacement to regular tea/assam tea/green tea.
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Product Description

A unique ayurvedic formulation of pure herbal ingredients with effective therapeutic values. Pravek-T regulates many health complications. It helps in losing excess fat, reducing constipation and curtails gas formation, as well as acidity. It is a sugar-free formulation that contains no tea leaves, only herbs, along with essential vitamins & micronutrients.

  • Dalchini


     Ideal carminative. Beneficial in acidity & digestion.

  • Kalimirch


    Increases gastric juice and improves digestion.

  • Motha


    Digestive & appetizer.

  • Mulethi


    Useful in dry cough.

  • Triphala


    Supports metabolism & aids in digestion.

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Directions for use

Brew a teabag in a cup of hot water for 2-3 minutes. Drink warm or cold. Honey/ jaggery can be added as per taste. Dosage: 3 T bags in a day or as suggested by the physician. For better results, in case of excessive fat, Pravek’s Medohar® is recommended with Pravek-T®.

Nutritional Information

  • Protein N*6.25, % by wt. (6.77%)
  • Fat (ether extract), % by wt. (0.37%)
  • Carbohydrate, % (79.17%)
  • Energy Kcal/100g (6.94kcal)
  • Vitamin C, mg/100g (2mg)
  • Iron (as Fe), mg/100g (0.731mg)
  • Copper (as Cu), mg/100g (0.02mg)
  • Calcium (as Ca), mg/100g (1.21mg)
  • Magnesium (0.312mg)


  • To be taken under medical supervision.
  • Read the label and instructions carefully before use.
  • Do not exceed the dosage mentioned on the label unless suggested by a practicing physician.
  • For better results, Pravek’s Medohar® Obesity Mitigator Capsules (1-2 capsules twice daily with water before meals, or as directed by the physician) are recommended with Pravek-T® for managing obesity related issues.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.

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