Pravek Makes an Impact at the 7th National Ayurveda Conference in Pune

Pune, India – Pravek, a distinguished name in the Ayurvedic and healthcare industry, marked its presence at the 7th National Ayurveda Conference (NAC) held at Vardhaman Sanskrutik Kendra in Pune from October 6th to 8th, 2023. Organized by Shree Sadguru Vishwanath Maharaj Rukdikar Trust, Kolhapur, this esteemed event attracted a plethora of doctors, medical students, and medicine distributors, providing the ideal platform for company branding and image building within the medical community.


Pravek's stall at NAC garnered attention for its exceptional products and interactive experiences. The stall, located in a strategic position, was a standout among Ayurvedic exhibitors, rivaled only by Dabur, Dhootapapeshwar, and Shree Narayana Ayurvedic Pharmacy, who boasted impressive woodwork and attractive showcases. Pravek's stall was characterized by a two-side open layout, strategically placed in proximity to prominent brands.


Visitors had the opportunity to sample a range of Pravek's products, including Chyawanprash, Rajatprash, Pravek-T (Hot), Face Oil, Anti-Allergic Oil, and Balm. Two dedicated sales staff, identifiable by their aprons, actively engaged with visitors, conducting product testing and collecting valuable feedback.


NAC spanned over three days, with the first two days primarily focused on doctors, medical students, and medicine distributors. However, on the third day, the event saw a significant surge in attendance, with numerous doctors visiting Pravek's stall. Many of these medical professionals were already familiar with Pravek's products, particularly Nervokalp, Coughkalp, Diabkalp Plus, Respikalp, and Golden Face Oil, which received considerable appreciation.


The tasting activity at Pravek's stall garnered positive feedback from visitors. Pravek-T, a flagship product, was sampled by approximately 600 visitors, with an overwhelmingly positive response. Chyawanprash was highly appreciated for its exquisite taste.


The quality of visitors at NAC was exceptional, mainly comprising doctors and medical students, making it an ideal audience to showcase Pravek's products. Notably, many major Ayurvedic brands participated in the event, including Jhandu, Shree Dhanwantary, Dabur, Virgo Pharma, and Aimil Pharma. Pravek's Chyawanprash stood out and received appreciation from all quarters.


Overall, Pravek's participation at the 7th National Ayurveda Conference was a resounding success, further solidifying the brand's reputation in the Ayurvedic industry. The strategic stall placement and engaging product testing activities attracted a diverse audience, enabling Pravek to establish valuable connections and receive recognition for its commitment to Ayurveda.

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