Improve Your Liver Health with Ayurvedic Liver Syrups: The Ultimate Liver Tonic


Liver is one of the most important metabolic or digestive organs in human beings. It performs many critical metabolic functions, including processing and distribution of nutrients. Diseases caused to the liver are maybe because of infection, such as hepatitis B and C, or by genetic mutations. Others can be triggered by autoimmune reactions or drug toxicity. Many liver diseases can lead to an increased risk of developing liver cancer. To keep our liver healthy, it is very necessary to know what is good and what is bad for our liver. To keep our liver away from toxicity, it is very important to have better knowledge of the best liver tonic or any Ayurvedic Liver Syrup as Ayurveda has shown wonderful results in maintaining a healthy and disease-free life of an individual. 


Balanced Diet: Diet plays an important role in maintaining the good health of an individual. Consuming a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and essential vitamins helps maintain a healthy liver.  


Water Intake: Consuming appropriate quantities of water helps the body to flush out toxins, hence maintaining overall health and liver functioning. 


Exercise Regularly: Everyday physical workout helps an individual to maintain adequate required weight. This eventually reduces the risk related to liver-like non-alcoholic fatty liver.


Regular Check-ups: To keep a watch on proper functioning of the liver it is very necessary to be in touch with regular check-ups.


Liver Tonic: There are plenty of liver tonics available in the market these days for liver health. Among them Ayurvedic liver syrups have given wonderful results to maintain a healthy liver. One of the best liver tonic available in the form of Ayurvedic liver syrup is Pravekliv, which not only rejuvenates liver health, but also helps prevent your liver from multiple other infections or diseases.


Alcohol: Excessive consumption of alcohol might lead to severe liver damage. One should always keep strong control on the quantity of alcohol consumed. And if anyone is already suffering from any liver disease, then one should stop alcohol consumption forever. This will help the liver to prevent further destruction. Side by side healthy liver tonics should also be consumed to lower down the bad effects which the liver is already suffering from. 


Smoking: Smoking is another harm for the healthy liver. Excessive smoking, or harm caused due to smoking may even lead to a deadly condition of liver cancer if ignored. So, it is always advised to regulate such unhealthy habits and incorporate some healthy habits such as detoxification of the body, eating a healthy diet, and consuming the best liver tonics like Pravekliv or Chyavanprash to keep your liver in a healthy state. 


Stress: Stress is another barrier which affects liver health very badly. Not only liver health, stress also disturbs whole body functions and leads to multiple health issues. So, it is recommended to keep a strong control over stress and try involving in some healthy workouts like everyday meditation or yoga. 


A healthy liver is the reason to stay healthy. Mainly there are two basic reasons for any health condition: Physical and Mental. Out of this maximum disease are the result of poor digestion or low metabolic activities of the body. Once the digestive system gets disturbed, it will definitely lower down the metabolism hence leading to multiple health issues like indigestion, gas, acidity, weight gain and many more. Since the liver governs the digestive system, it is very important to keep a check on your liver health. 


Besides this, stress is the leading factor for disturbing the mental conditions of an individual. This in the long run is responsible for poor functioning of the liver hence leading to multiple health issues. 


If the liver is not functioning properly, due to any reason either physical or mental, it may lead to many infections or diseases, sometimes deadly conditions as well. Loss of appetite, indigestion, alcoholic liver disease for alcohol consumers, non-alcoholic liver disease for those whose metabolism is poor but do not consume alcohol, fatty liver, liver cirrhosis and much more. In some conditions it is easy to reverse things naturally, sometimes medical help is needed and in some cases, it might even lead to liver transplant or even death. So to protect your liver from such conditions it is better to take some healthy steps for your liver health. 


There are many ways to keep your liver healthy like consuming a healthy diet, regulating adequate amounts of water intake, consuming iron rich and vitamin-rich diet and more important is taking the help of the best liver tonics. 



Anything, which helps support good liver health, are categorised under liver tonics. There are many better or even best liver tonics available in the market. Vitamin C is one of the boons to a healthy liver which helps in its fast recovery. Pravek Chyavanprash, which is prepared with the goodness of Amla and certain other herbs that are rich in Vitamin C, helps boost up liver health very quickly. It can be considered as one of the best liver tonic in Ayurveda. Not only liver health, Chyavanprash also helps to boost up immunity. This can also be possible when your liver is running healthy. 


It is very important to note that to lead a happy life, one needs to be disease-free. And similarly, for a healthy lifestyle, it is very important that every organ of your body is functioning properly specially your LIVER which is the basic need of healthy digestion and metabolism.       
Authored by:
Dr. Nikita Chaudhary
BAMS, MD (Ayu)


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