Shri S. N. Gupta

Shri S. N. Gupta

Shri SN Gupta, the founder and visionary behind Pravek Kalp, was an industrialist and philanthropist, who was born and brought up in Delhi. Shri Gupta was a highly learned man, with Diplomas in Russian and German, along with two MSCs from Kirorimal College, Delhi.


He was one of the first few industrialists of Noida in the 1970s and also one of the promoters of DS Group (manufacturers of Rajnigandha Pan Masala, Catch spices, etc.).


Being an avid believer and promoter of Ayurveda, and given his entrepreneurial nature, he developed ayurvedic oils for his family as home remedies. The origin of our Golden Hair Oil can be traced back to the early 90s when Shri Gupta formulated this oil at home as a remedy to help his wife, Smt. Vinod Kumari Gupta, when she started losing hair due to medical issues. Interestingly, Smt. Vinod Kumari Gupta has beautiful and naturally black hair till date, without the use of hair dyes. Similarly, Shri Gupta created the anti-allergy oil remedy for his granddaughter, Ms. Prachi Gupta, to treat her heat-rashes when she was a child. He also developed Chyawanprash toffees, for children to promote the intake of this herbal health supplement among the younger age groups.


Pravek is a truly home-grown brand, which began under the aegis of Satya Narain Gupta & Sons HUF in 1975. Shri Gupta’s dedication, and search for wisdom and growth became the foundation stones of our company which was incorporated as Pravek Kalp Herbals Products Private Limited in 2003. Later, in the year 2012, the name was officially changed to Pravek Kalp Private Limited in 2012.

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